How to Contribute

Structure of judgments

  • Text of judgment in the original language
  • Translation into a foreign language (e.g. EN, FR, GE)
  • Summary in a foreign language (e.g. EN, FR, GE)
  • References to foreign judgments (foreign law)
  • Analysis

New judgment page

Go to the relevant country page and category page. Edit the category page and insert a link to new judgment:


Create the page, edit and either insert your text or create a table.

Presentation of judgments

The best way would be to present your judgment in a table (see:

Content of Table No 1

In order to create the table use the following (text has to be inserted in place of "content of table no 1, 2, 3…"):

[[tab Original text]]
Content of Table No 1
[[tab Translation]]
Content of Table No 2
[[tab Summary]]
Content of Table No 3
[[tab References to foreign judgments]]
Content of Table No 4
[[tab Analysis]]
Content of Table No 5

You do not have to follow the table format. In such a case, just follow the same steps to create a link to a new judgment page. Edit and insert your text.

Remember also that you do not have to cover all five elements.

General structure per country

New category page

In order to insert a new category go to the country page. Edit the country page and insert the link to the new category:


Then create a new page under this link and insert your text or link to a judgment. Remember to always insert country name before the new category name (e.g. Polish consumer protection law, Greek tax law).
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